Launches the First Permissionless Sports Betting App

Betswapp Launches the First Permissionless Sports Betting App, one of the leaders in Blockchain-based betting, has announced the launching of the beta version of their application. This application is live on their official website with a great user experience. People can now bet on thousands of sporting and e-sporting events. 

Ever since the launch, their website has had over 25,000 views from all over the world, including audiences from countries like India and Brazil. This welcoming response is expected to only increase with Fifa World Cup and Cricket T20 World Cup right around the corner. Even with the beta tag, users on Twitter have not complained of any performance issues with the app. 

“Product development has been our biggest focus since the launch of, and, in my opinion, we have created something that will truly revolutionize the betting ecosystem.” stated the Chief Product Officer of They have also received deep support from leading investors and capital funds. is built on the Polygon blockchain and offers users many features that they won’t find on other platforms. Users get a permissionless and trustless experience with Web 3.0 technology. Furthermore, the users are not required to go through formalities, and they have to connect their wallets and can start betting. 

Users can select to be either a bettor or a bookmaker. provides users with a transparent model without any minimal gas or hidden fee. In addition, does not hold on to the users’ finds and allows them to bet individually straight from their wallet. The withdrawal is also safe and instant. 

The native token of Betsswapp’s ecosystem, $BSGG, offer holders various uses like reduced fee and governance staking. In addition, $BSGG can also be used for betting on various upcoming tournaments. With a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), permits users to become a part of decentralized governance and backend betting. 

If the company manages to attract both blockchain fans and sports bettors, then it has to potential to create a ripple in the crypto-based gambling market. 

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